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Our New Providence office is a short distance from Westfield, Chatham Township, Mountainside, Summit, and Berkeley Heights.

Best Dentist in New Providence

This dental practice has been established since 2008 and has been providing the best dental care in New Providence, NJ for more than a decade. This practice has been taken over by Dr. Angelina Kim DMD in 2023 to continue the responsibility of treating New Providence residents with respect, compassion, and integrity.

Northwestern New Jersey

Nearby Towns of Dear Dental


Westfield emerges as a vibrant city, famous for its well-preserved Victorian architecture, top-tier public schools, and a bustling downtown area. This New Jersey gem merges a rich cultural scene with a suburban charm, providing a quality of life not commonly found. Westfield is a sanctuary where historical beauty meets modern convenience. Known for its extensive palette of entertainment choices and safe, friendly neighborhoods, it exudes a unique charm that entices everyone to stay longer.

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Longhill, New Jersey is a vibrant community famed for its lush green parks, excellent schools and tight-knit neighbourhoods. As a hub of activity and a model for suburban living, Longhill provides a superior quality of life to its residents. Dear Dental, your trusted home cleaning service, is proud to operate in such a thriving city.

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Chatham Township

Chatham Township is a flourishing municipality famous for its rich history, abundant green open spaces, high-ranking schools, and friendly community atmosphere. Located in the heart of New Jersey, it offers an enticing blend of hometown charm and modern conveniences, making it perfect for families, young professionals, and retirees alike. Dear Dental is proud to serve this remarkable community, making smiles brighter and healthier in Chatham Township and its surrounding metropolitan areas.

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New Providence

New Providence, New Jersey, is a bustling community famous for its close-knit neighborhoods, beautiful parks, and stellar school system. This town, nestled in the heart of the Garden State, offers a unique blend of small-town charm and metropolitan conveniences. Residents revel in the array of outdoor activities at their disposal, from hiking and biking to picnics in the park. The education landscape, helmed by a high-achieving public school district, is second to none, making New Providence a coveted location for families.

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Mountainside, New Jersey, is a lively community recognized for its charming suburban atmosphere, educational excellence, and its abundant green spaces. The town thrives with a rich history, family-friendly events, and the spectacular Watchung Reservation, illustrating its commitment to both culture and nature. With its exceptional public schools and a low crime rate, Mountainside is considered an ideal place for family living.

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Summit, New Jersey, is a vibrant city recognized for its distinguished educational institutions, lush green parks, and buzzing business district. Renowned as a well-balanced mix of suburban life and urban appeal, Summit provides a rich cultural experience and an excellent environment for families. It houses unique boutiques, delicious dining experiences, and a historically rich downtown area. Showcasing architectural treasures and captivating city history, Summit offers residents and visitors alike an enriching and enjoyable place to live and explore.

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Berkeley Heights

Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, enjoys a reputation as a vibrant community renowned for its stunning scenic locales and rich local heritage. Its serene neighborhoods, excellent education system, and proactive community involvement truly set it apart. This friendly haven, nestled against the Watchung Reservation, boasts diverse dining options, cultural festivals, and a forward-thinking population that values wellness and sustainability. At the epicenter of these values is Dear Dental, Berkeley Heights' top home-cleaning service, committed to providing quality and innovative cleaning solutions for every household in this bustling metropolis and its neighboring areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dear Dental

What types of services does Dear Dental provide?

Dear Dental offers a wide variety of services from general cleanings, emergency dentistry, cosmetic teeth whitening, Invisalign and clear braces, and implant dentistry.

What do I need to book an appointment online?

You need the following information to book an appointment online with Dear Dental New Providence:

- Full name and date of birth
- Insurance information, including name of Insurance company, member ID number, and group number
- If you are insured through your spouse or parent, please provide their full name and date of birth
- Please advise us with a reason for your appointment (dental cleaning, initial consultation, dental emergency, etc. )
- Contact number to reach you to confirm your appointment and get any additional details

Why do you need my date of birth and insurance ID number?

As per insurance guidelines, in order to verify your insurance benefits, we need your full name (same as on insurance card) and date of birth. In addition we need your insurance ID number which in many cases it is your social security number.

Why does Dear Dental need my spouse’s personal information if I am the patient?

If your spouse or parent is a primary subscriber on insurance policy, we need that information to obtain and verify your insurance benefits

Why does Dear Dental need my phone number and email?

We need that information to contact you prior to appointment via text, email or phone call to confirm the appointment and get any additional details.

Why do you need a reason for my visit?

Being multi specialist practice, we want to make sure you will be booked with correct specialist, depending on your dental needs at the moment. If you are unsure, you can call us for a free consultation and we will help guide you at no additional charge.

What time do I need to come in for my appointment with Dear Dental?

If you are a new patient with us, we recommend coming in 15 minutes earlier. If you are a current patient, we recommend coming 5 to 10 minutes earlier.

Why does Dear Dental need my health history?

Complete health history helps us identify health issues we should be aware of.

Why do you need my X-Ray?

You will be called in operatory room for diagnostic x-rays. X-ray images will give our dentists more information about your teeth. These X-rays are used to check for decaybetween the teeth, gum disease, infections and health of the bone, TMJ, sinus and other anatomical structures.

What do I need to bring for my appointment with Dear Dental?

- Picture ID
- Dental and Medical insurance card
- Form of payment- even if you are not planning start any major treatment, certain rules will apply to different insurance plan (deductible, co-pays)

Does Dear Dental accept FSA/HSA?

Yes, Dear Dental accepts FSA/HSA payments. However, please consult your account manger prior utilizing your FSA or HSA to verify that your copays will be usable. You will require certain documentation to backup the expense. Our staff is knowledgeable in this aspect. They will provide you with all necessary documentation.

Premium Dental Care at Dear Dental

The dentists and staff at Dear Dental understand the needs of New Providence residents. Come visit us or call for a free consultation.

Give us a call regardless of whether or not you have dental insurance.